Welcome to Hempac. The online photography blog that will teach you how to become an effective photographer. We are a team of photographer coming from US, specifically from Atlanta, Georgia.

We create this blog to show the other photographers that we worked as a team and to show the we are earning well in photography industry. This is to encourage everyone who just started shooting that you are in the right industry. For those who are photographer and is also designing projects as a side kicks or part times, you are so well. Great job! Good that you can work on designing and then taking pictures that you want to have in your designs, in short you are lucky. Some of the team are working the same as yours by the way.

For those who just need pictures for their designs, no problem. Some of our team members can provide images for you which will be uploaded here from time to time. Check out our homepage for that.

Thank you for dropping by and keep searching for the images that you want here.