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The Plugin to Supercharge your WordPress Image Library

The wordpress image library is vital to any wordpress website. It offers basic media management to your website and has features that is sufficient to average users. However, if you have a media-heavy website, its limitations cannot be ignored. You could struggle finding uploaded images that suit your creative needs, such as theme and style.

Un-optimized media can also cause a strain on your servers. Your site’s speed can suffer as a result of bloated media library. And if your website is slow to load, you could lose up to 7% of your customers. Fortunately, there is a plugin that can help make your life easier:

With over 4 million high quality and safe to use images, Pixelrockstar gives you a lot more images to choose from. You can search and add photos to your articles and website in just a few seconds. The pics you download are yours to use forever. So, be legally safe with PixelRockstar.

Key Features:

  • Loaded with 4 million stock photos
  • Delivers stock images quick and easy
  • Safe to use images
  • Offers the best prices starting $0.57 per download
  • Social media shareable images
  • Digital License, specifically designed for digital use

PixelRockstar is the wordpress image plugin that rocks! If you want to supercharge your wordpress image library, get the plugin for free! That’s right! The plugin is free. You only have to pay for the image packs. Depending on your creative needs and budget, you can choose among Pixel, Rock and Star packages. The popular choice is the latter which comes with 350 images. If you only need a few images, the Pixel pack at $9 is perfect for you and your pockets.

The wordpress media library is suitable for average users as is. But, it may be lacking for those with media-heavy needs. PixelRockstar extends the library’s functionality and provides you with more image choices. Visit this site right here.


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